"Returning Column", by Greg Johns

Located on the round-about on Main Street and the Square.

March 30th, 2008 saw the unveiling of the second sculpture by the Palmerston North Public Sculpture Trust. Located on the round-about on the junction of Main Street and the Square, it is titled "Returning Column" and was made by South Australian based artist Greg Johns, who has a significant history of sculpture practise.

The work is five metres high and is made of Corten Steel and has a thin layer of rust that makes up its orange-brown colouring (although it rusts very slowly, at a rate of about 1 mm every 100 years).

Johns work is influenced by a range of sources including Buckminster Fuller, a philosopher who studied patterns in the universe for use as structures, sub-atomic particles and cultural symbols, in particular the circle. In 1980 he adopted the use of what he called the "wave column" which we can see in the work here, based loosely on electromagnetic wave patterns and the heat shimmer of Australian arid landscapes.

For any information wanted about the Palmerston North Public Sculpture Trust or if you wish to help with contributing to the next public artwork please contact the chairperson.

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